Bike Shops in Muang Nakorn Ratchasima

Tang Cycle (Pak Chong)
Mobile: +66 (0)85 419 4973

Beazebob Bikeshop

Mobile: +66 (0)86-580-2132 / 061 879 1982

Bike Club
Mobile: +66 (0)63 212 0883
FB: Bikeclubs701
Bike Fiction
Mobile: +66 (0)85 779 9922
Champ Bike Koratc
Mobile: +66 (0)86 719 4845
Kimeng BIKE
Mobile: +66 (0)81 265 0320
Mad Radar Cannondale Boutique Korat
Mobile: +66 (0)44 300 424
Sahakit Phanit
Mobile: +66 (0)89 946 6446
Two Wheels Shop
Mobie: +66 (0)81 879 1318

Flying with your bike

Packing your bike can be very easy! Elite developed a light, convenient bike case that has made traveling with a bike easier than ever. Here is a video we made packing the Elite Borson soft case. It requires the least amount of assembly, but high amount of protection.

AA treats a bike like standard luggage:

Delta treats a bike like standard luggage:

Bike Tuneup & New Tires

We recommend that you get your bike fully tuned up & new tires put on 2 weeks before raceday. You’re spending countless hours training your body, then also put in some time to prepare your bike. There is no worse feeling than getting a mechanical in the race and standing on the side of the road while other riders are passing you by.

On the course

On the race course, there will be Neutral Road Support services at the aid stations and rolling mechanical assistance and broom wagons in case you cannot continue the race. You will get a wristband with a Raceday Hotline # to call for assistance as needed.